Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy

First Created on Date 14 July 2018

Last Modified on Date 24 April 2020

The Terms effective when you register in [donate.com.bd]. Terms and Conditions may change as our policy. Please read Terms and Conditions before donating or registering. You accept Terms and Conditions by registering to the website. The authority can update the T&C when required.

1. Payment


All payments are handled by ShurjoMukhi payment gateway.

Transaction Fee

In every financial transaction, a tracsaction fee (1% + Credit Card Charge 3.5% or Mobile Financial Service Charge 2%) will be deduct as service charge and payment gateway fee.


Organizations will be liable for all TAX and VAT where applicable.

Payment Disbrusement

Payments are disbursed every second week to the bank accounts of the organizations. This depeneds or normal working situation and regular clearance from the payment gateway provider.

2. Data Privacy

Payment Information

We do not store your payment card or account number. Now payments are made through shurjoPay a trusted payment service that provides us your payment informations.

Personal Information

Your personal information such as. name, email, phone, address, photo are stored to ensure your identity. We don't share any data with other third party.


Cookie is a small amount of data send from user browser to website. Cookie used in our website to make user friendly and for better performance. We do not use store your cookie information.

Data Protection

We value your information and privacy. We have a secure authentication system that protects your valuable information.